Amélie du Parc Montocchio studied at the Ecoule Boulle (Paris, France) for five years. She graduated in 1996 with a DSAA in Interior Architecture, garnering highest honours with praise.

She spent six years in an agency in Paris before returning to Mauritius with her family in 2002, where she opened her own agency.

Very quickly, the sophistication and rigour of her craft brought her to work with some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry (Constance, Indigo, Beachcomber and Veranda among them). In Mauritius and across the Indian Ocean, from the Seychelles to the Maldives and recently Sri Lanka, she has turned her etchings into real-world design.

Her large range allows her to express her acumen while crafting space, light and matter, as well as furniture and lighting which she designs for most of her projects.

She likes to divide her time between developing and executing her projects, working alongside those who enable her creativity to take shape, whether they be workers or artisans.

Her projects are characterized by refined elegance and authenticity. Her signature imbues every place she invests herself in with a very strong, personal identity.

The Royal Palm Mauritius, the legendary five-star hotel, trusted her to refurbish the institution in 2014. Amélie breathed new life into the place, one of poetic elegance and timeless style, which magnifies the magic of the stellar resort.

Amélie spends her time between Hong Kong and Mauritius. In 2015 she partnered with Paule de Romeuf, an architect and interior architect whose experience in Vietnam and Mauritius is in sync with Amélie’s own.

Together they created Les Ateliers, which links the offices of Mauritius and Saïgon, a complement of talents that open out towards the Indian Ocean and Asia.

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